Monday, May 29, 2006

Surf's Up and the DVD is out!

Just a quick reminder that the Surf's Up! DVD is being released tomorrow, May 30. I'm waiting for it from, and I'll have a review up as soon as possible.

I hear that the extras on the DVD this time include two of the how-to-do-this-dance ads they play on Nick Jr. sometimes, so I'm excited to see them! I love those ads, and I'd probably be willing to buy a DVD of just those ads. They're so fun. My kids get up and start dancing all over the place every time one of those comes on.


  1. yeah! the ads are shake your body (tasha) and buffalo girls (tyrone)

    i found that out on the comerchal (i can't spell)

  2. new Tasha and Austin plushes are out too!

  3. Woohoo! Finally, Tasha and Austin plushes? That is great news!

  4. ohh I Love the Backyardigans! so I chose you among my bidders at rent my blog! heee... hope you drop by so I can place a permanent link to your great blog!