Thursday, June 22, 2006

UK Nick Jr. "Jump Up" Day

If any of you happen to live in or near Glasgow, Scotland, you might be interested to hear of this 2 day Nick Jr. event, taking place July 22 and 23. There'll be things like a Dora and Diego Explorer Maze, a Thomas the Tank Engine inflatable, and for The Backyardigans, a Pirate Adventure.

This isn't the only place for the event. There will be another such event in London, July 15 and 16.

The Daily Record is giving away 500 tickets to the Glasgow event. You can get the details here. If you don't live in Glasglow, though, don't despair. It looks like you don't have to pay for any of the tickets, they just have limited availability. So call now (the phone number to call can be found on this page at the UK Nick Jr. site) to reserve your tickets.

Go to the UK Nick Jr. site to get more information about both events.

It all sounds like so much fun it makes me wish I could go!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Backyardigans Jigsaw

Oh, well, vacation time is over. I hope the rest of you have been having a fun summer, so far!

Nick Jr. released a photo today with a press release. I thought all of you might enjoy having a Backyardigans puzzle to play with! I put it up here, at Jigzone.

Friday, June 02, 2006

TV Guide Summer Preview

TV Guide is giving out a DVD with the current magazine (the June 5 issue, available June 1) that previews the summer shows. The Summer Preview DVD will include sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes footage of several shows, including the Backyardigans!!

(Having to work very hard here to exercise restraint and not type those last three word in supersize, with a special font, and a different color for each letter. Maybe blinking, too.)

Sneak peaks? Behind the scenes footage? I'm heading to the store!

You can read more about the DVD in this press release.

Theme Parks and The Backyardigans

Want to see a photo you took posted on the Backyardigans Fan blog? If you're going to be hitting any of the Paramount Parks theme parks this summer, head over to the Nickelodeon section and get a picture of something Backyardigans related (decorations, rides, overworked teen dressed up as Tasha, etc.) When you get home, put it on Flickr, then post a comment on the most recent blog post, letting me know. I'll put it up here!

(Naturally, I reserve the right to display only those photos that fit the standards of this blog. In other words, it must be appropriate for small children. Which shouldn't be a problem, since we're just taking pictures of amusement park rides and characters.)

Here's more information about the rides! Paramount has teamed up with Nickelodeon to create a Nick-themed section in five of their seven parks. Some of them don't seem to have much, judging by the webpages, but some of really gone all out, with parades and everything. It sounds great and makes me wish I was heading to heading to Paramount this summer!

King's Dominion - Actually, judging by their webpage and the Nick Jr. page about their rides, there doesn't seem to be anything Backyardigans there, although there is other great Nick Jr. stuff.

King's Island - According to the press release, the "most elaborate collection of Nickelodeon-inspired rides and attractions in the world". The Nick Jr. page mentions The Backyardigans, but it isn't clear if there's a Backyardigans ride, or only characters.

Carowinds - This park has a Backyardigans Swing-A-Long. The Nick Jr. page doesn't mention The Backyardigans.

Great America
- No idea if there are any Backyardigans rides here. The closest thing to a clue is the mention of a Nick Jr. house, on the Nick Jr. page.

Canada's Wonderland - According to the press release, there will be Backyardigans characters there to meet and greet your children, all season long.

And if you run across anything else Backyardigans as you meander through the summer, let me know! We'll put it up here.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Backyardigans Birthday Cake

Backyardigans Cake, originally uploaded by highway 47 blues.

I found this photo on Flickr and thought everyone might be interested in seeing an example of a Backyardigans birthday party cake. (I love Flickr's "blog this" capability. I might have to start using that more, now that I know about it!)

Happy Birthday, Henry. I hope you enjoyed your cake!