Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lyrics - Laser Limbo

From "Secret Mission." Sung to the tune of "Limbo Rock."

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone: (sung) Secret Agent limbo team
Is gonna beat the laser beam.
We will line up single file
And show off our limbo style.

Pablo: It's Uniqua's turn to go
She will limbo good and low.
Will she make it? Yes, she will.
She's got laser limbo skill!

Uniqua: (spoken) Limbo lower now.
Limbo lower now.
How low can you go?


Pablo: Excellent limboing, Agent Uniqua!

Tyrone: Yeah!

Uniqua: Thanks!
C'mon, Tyrone. You know what to do!

Tyrone: Here I come.

Uniqua and Pablo: (sung) Now Tyrone is going to try.
He's a limbo kind of guy.
Keep those antlers by the floor
As you limbo through the door.

Bend down low and keep it loose,
Secret Agent limbo moose.
He will beat the laser light.
He can do the limbo right.

Tyrone: (spoken) Limbo lower now.
Limbo lower now.
How low can you go?

All right!

Uniqua: Excellent limboing, Agent Tyrone!

Tyrone: It was tricky.

Pablo: Now it's my turn. Here I come.

Uniqua and Tyrone: (sung) Agent Pablo's going now
Come on Pablo show us how.
Bend your knees, extend your arms,
And don't set off those alarms.

Limbo low and limbo fast,
Save the limbo best for last.
Now we all have passed the test.
We're the laser limbo best.

Pablo: (spoken) Limbo lower now.
Limbo lower now.
How low can you go?

Uniqua and Tyrone: All right! Yeah! (whistle)


  1. Tiffanie Harper8:32 PM, June 22, 2006

    I realy like this show! My name is Tiffanie Harper and i'm 11 years old. The first episode I saw from THE BACKYARDIGANS was the Seceret Mission, the one with Pablo, Tyrone,and Uneaqua.When I was watching it, I pressed "Giude" on the remote to see when it was coming on again. When I hered them sing, I was so amaized at how they just put new words in other songs like, for example: "Row,row, row your boat" it's the same music but, they put different words in the song.Uneaqua has such a high and well singing voice, that I try to sing like her sometimes! Tyrone has a low, sort of realy...boyish voice and I figured out that I can talk and sing like him!Pablo has sort of a middle high vioce that he almost sounds like a girl! Tasha kind of speaks her normal voice when she sings. Austin...when he sings,I can bearly hear him, sometimes I have to turn up the volume just to hear him.I memorized quite a few songs from THE BACKYARDIGANS.I keep practising "Tree to Tree" from the episode High Tea, and i'm getting pretty good at it. OHHHHHHH, I would just LOVE to zoom into the TV and be one of them! I would be a bright orange cat, dressed in a blue t-shirt,yellow shorts and a red cap. My hair tied up in a ponytail,with brown eyes.Besides,they need another character in there show because 5 is a odd number!I hope they keep on making new episodes in the futre!

  2. Wow, Tiffanie, you obviously enjoy this show very much!

    You'll be glad to hear that there are new episodes coming out this fall.

  3. I'm a mom of a 2 year old and we just love The Backyardigans. We bought and DVD the other day and on the previews I saw that there will be a double length episodes coming to DVD this fall and it will feature the voice of Cindy Lauper.

  4. You know who I am!!! Ha!! Yeah. Ahem. You are absolutely right. This is Cindy. How come no one comments anymore?? I'm trying to get a Movers of Arabia book I'm writing published!!!!!! (I'm seriously good at writing.)Anyways, you spelt Cindy the way my name's spelt, anonymous. It supposed to be Cyndi Lauper!!!