Monday, May 22, 2006

New Voice for Tyrone

Amonymous maximus alerted me that Tyrone has a new singing voice for the upcoming new episodes. Jordan Coleman will be taking over from Reginald Davis, Jr. as Tyrone's speaking voice. (Incidentally, the Internet Movie Database lists Nathalie Haneveld as Tyrone's voice in the Dutch dub.)

Our thanks to Reginald Davis for the pleasure he's given us as one of the voices of our beloved Backyardigans! We wish him good luck in his future career.

We also welcome Jordan Coleman - and look forward to getting to know you as Tyrone!


  1. nonononono, he is taking over the SINGING voice from Corwin Tuggles. (and if i did not spell that right, blame Wikipedia, the stupid encyclopedia!)

    they said that on the nick jr boards, that his voice was too mature. (Well, do you think so? I don't really.) Soo... well that's it.

    Hamster and out, Maximus

    PS: go to, sign up an account and then search for sandyhamster11. ckick on The backyardigans guild.
    You likey?

  2. That's very interesting. I was going by what they have at IMDB, which has him as a voice, not a singing voice. Can you tell I find the Nick Jr. boards much too frustrating to read? I hate the way they're organized. I guess I'll have to go over there and check it out though!

  3. Hey, amonymous maximus, I didn't know you were sandyhamster! This is frodobagginz from the guild. I liky the backyardigans guild :)

  4. Ineed you download music free
    The Backyardigans aviable in spanish?

  5. well, of couse! sandy and maximus are both the same brand of crazy. you didn't noticey frodo?

  6. no Jordan Coleman is taking over Tyrones singing

  7. jordan coleman is doing the voice of tyrone and not singing. he is my son and i know for a fact he can't carry a tune. lol