Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Shoes For Your Little Backyardigan

If you have been anxiously looking for Backyardigans shoes for your child, you've probably been told to try Kohl's. If you're willing to wait until July, however, you'll be able to find a bigger selection!

Nickelodeon and Brown Shoes have teamed up to put out four new lines of shoes, two of which are based on Nick Jr. shows, specifically Go Diego Go and The Backyardigans. (The other two shows are Unfabulous and Zoey 101, Nickelodeon shows.)

According to the press release the lines "include a full assortment of casual shoes, boots, sport fusion athletic shoes and slippers." The Diego shoes will be for boys; the Backyardigans shoes will be made for boys and girls both. They will be available for ages 2-6.

I couldn't find any pictures unfortunately, nor could I find anything about where the shoes might be carried. But I'll get you more information as it comes in!


  1. have you ever come across party supplies? i have searched everywhere and have had no such luck.

  2. Everything I've heard so far is that they're not coming out with party supplies until 2007. What are they thinking?! There is some stuff you can print out and download at the Nick Jr. site. I have links to it here. There are also ongoing discussions on the Nick Jr. forums about creative ways to have Backyardigans birthday parties. You can find the link to the forum over at the left of the blog, listed at the Nick Jr. Message Board.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I have been looking for the new umbrella table that Nick Jr. is showing for Backyardigan fans. It's not on the Nick Jr. website. Maybe you know where I could find it? It's adorable and would be great for summer.

  4. How about those new Backyardigans fruit snacks. They're wonderful huh?? So cute!

  5. Wow! I haven't heard about an umbrella table. It sounds great. I'll keep an eye out for it. If you find anything, could you post back here and let the rest of us know, please? Thanks!

  6. i will post anything if i know where you can get it. i can't wait to find one!! Thanx!

  7. I saw 1 auction of a 24" high square table with 2 chairs on ebay going for $15 2 or 3 days back.

    As for the lighting rubbershoes, a lot on ebay ranging from $7.99-29.99 with sizes 4-11. The pair with blue trim has pablo and tyrone on the outer side and Austin in the inner side. I think the pic of the pair with pink trimming had Uniqua and Tasha.

    I bought a pair of size 6 from a seller carrying sizes 6-11 with the $9.99 buy now price. I do hope that they arrive by next week as the trio beanies (Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua) took 9 days for mail from the mainland to get to Guam.


  8. hello everyone! I am planning my babies 1 st birthday party and she loves the backyardigans, she won't take her nap untill she watches then first. So, my questions is, does anyone know where to find party supplies of the backyardignas???? I need help!!!

  9. I'll be posting an entry about Backyardigans birthday party ideas soon. Watch for it this week.

  10. Backyardigans patio table with umbrella + 2 chairs being sold in ebay.

    Listed in category: Toys & Hobbies > TV, Movie, Character Toys > Other

    BACKYARDIGANS Patio Table Set Umbrella 2 Chairs NEW WOW Item number: 6053263221

    Current bid: US $5.50


    End time: Apr-28-06 23:29:41 PDT (5 days 18 hours)
    Shipping costs: US $16.55
    US Postal Service Parcel Post®
    Ships to: Worldwide
    Item location: Rochester, New York, United States
    History: 3 bids
    High bidder: suzyq6939 ( 6 )

    Since I visit your BLOG, the least I could do is share this info.


    With regards to buying from Kohl... they do not ship to Guam,USA and they do not accept international credit cards. Still no luck despite my pointing out that our mail system is USPS and my credit card is a US mainland bank. :(

    I did try to bid on the beddings but the prices that they end up being sold for ($26-31) is much higher than what I would want to pay. :(

    Sorry for ranting.

  11. Regarding party supplies, and cheap DIY decor there are backyardigans printable placemat designs from nick.com which you could print. I think there was also a birthday card which is printable. I can't remember if there are printouts of nameplates but I recall seeing something like that in the nick.com website. Another suggestion although it may be ink unfriendly would be to color these images with paint or any graphics program then printing them using a inkjet printer.

    What my wife did to decorate the bedroom was to color the printouts with crayons then place them in transparent plastic sleeves then attach them to the wall.


  12. you can find alot of backyardigans party stuff on ebay

  13. If you live near an iparty, they have tons of Backyardigan decor. From party favors, to plates, napkins, little plush animals, etc. You'll find everything that you need. Hope this helps.


  14. hi i'm looking for boys backyardigans shoes and i cant find them anywhere can anyone help me please??

  15. Hi, I too am looking for Backyardigans boys shoes. I have never seen them at Kohl's and I visit there regularly. Also, this is old now, but Factory Card Outlet sells a lot of Backyardigan party supplies.