Monday, August 29, 2005

Backyardigans Birthday Party

If you're looking to buy official Backyardigans party invitations, cards, decorations and the like, you'll have found they're just not available yet. Nick Jr, however, does have items you can print out for a "Riding the Range" party. They've got directions for making a Pablo Cake, printouts for cards, badges, nametags, decorations, and a poster.

Most of the stuff they have is fairly generic Western party stuff, but there are printable placemats featuring Tyrone, Tasha, Uniqua and Pablo. Other Backyardigans specific printables include song sheets from "Riding the Range", invitations and thank you notes. The only Backyardigans recipe is the cake, but the other recipes look pretty good. Forget waiting for a party, I'm thinking I'll make the Southwestern Style Cornbread Pizza for dinner tomorrow night!


  1. I like your post about the Backyardigans! My two-year-old daughter loves the show. She definitely knows what a pirate says! Her 2nd birthday theme was the Backyardigans. You can see the cake I had made at:

  2. How did you make that cake? It is awesome!