Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Diversity of Opinions

A review of the Backyardigans from someone who has absolutely nothing good to say about it. This woman really hates the Backyardigans.

The Backyardigans- I Think There are Some Subliminal Messages Involved

This woman sees it entirely differently.

Travel the World with The Backyardigans!

Personally, I've always found that The Backyardigans inspires my children to try all sorts of new imaginative play.


  1. An error message shows up when I try to go to these links.

  2. backyardiganteen6:45 PM, March 17, 2006

    The error for "I think there are some subliminal..." is that "http://" was typed twice, with the colon is missing from the second "http..."

  3. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! All fixed now. :)

  4. Andy H , Keswick, ON10:18 AM, March 19, 2006

    I think those kids have bigger problems in thier mother than in watching the backyardigans.

  5. That's what I think too. Plus, who wants their kids to know the Law and Order theme song.

  6. She should lay off the Crack or her prescription stimulants so she won't be so paranoid and all.

    Children should be allowed to experience being children and watch childrens programs.

  7. OMG! Have you ever heard of the Alpha Mom? I wrote about her in my blog and I have a link to the New Yorker article. This lady that wrote this epionion review sounds just like her! She is just too much! I understand if she was saying this about the Teletubbies! Absolutley no educational content....but the Backyardigans? I think she wrote it to stir up some controversy and to receive lots of comments.

  8. HI My kids love Backyardigans. the only thing is their cannot understand the language. Can you please play it in English, that would be a great help. I enjoy it my self.

  9. Hey, the first review you link to was written by a nice woman whose reviews I usually agree with. This one isn't one of them, but I'm still respectful to her about it.

    I like your blog. Nice idea. I think this just gave me an idea.

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