Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Holding Tight

Well, I'm just kind of sitting around this week, waiting for Netflix to send me a copy of Cave Party. Which I am wishing would get here today, because I have two very sick little people here, who are exceedingly grumpy and cranky. It would be nice to have something new, for the purposes of distraction.

Although this has been a big week for new programming on Nick Jr. Has anyone seen Wonderpets yet? My kids love it, but I can't say I'm so thrilled. I've tried before this to learn to enjoy opera, and just haven't been able to. Wonderpets seems to incorporate all the things that irritate me about opera. I'm tempted to start wearing earplugs to keep from hearing one more repetition of, "This is sewious!"

Only 2 more days until Race Around the World airs!


  1. I can say I'm not thrilled about Wonder Pets either!! My daughter on the other hand likes them. I don't understand. Did you catch the show where they had to help the puppy find a way outside so he could pee. It was crazy!! Ming Ming is a little too much for me. Her speech and all...

    Glad to hear about another household that loves The Backyardigans as much as we do in our house. I'll be checking back on this blog. I'm glad I found it!!

  2. Yeah, some parents are really having a problem with Ming Ming's r's. They don't want their kids imitating her.

  3. Oh! I think WonderPets is adorable! What a great way to teach little ones about cooperation. And as far and Ming Ming Duckling's speech impediment, a lot of preschoolers have difficulty with their "R" soundout. so I think it does add something to the show.

  4. Wonderpets is the only thing on TV that has given Sponge Bob a run for his money.
    To break from the Sponged one, I am a Tivo maniac hunting for their fuzzy butts.

  5. I'm not too fond of Wonder Pets myself. My son is 11 mos. old and he absolutely loves Backyardigans, as do I! I love watching him dance to the music!

  6. Wonderpets is okay, the music is great, but there is one nick jr (or well maybe noggin) show that, my baby sisters love more than backyardigans or any other. That show is JACKS BIG MUSIC SHOW!