Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More New Episodes Coming Up Next Week

So we just got to enjoy Mission to Mars (which will play again this Friday, Oct. 13, if you missed it) but are there other new episodes coming up soon? Yes, there are! Nick Jr. has five new episodes airing over the next couple of weeks. Make sure you've got these scheduled on your VCR or Tivo so you don't miss them!

Monday, Oct. 16
Samurai Pie - Samurai pie-maker Tyrone is making a great pie for the empress, but he must protect it from ninjas Uniqua and Pablo.

Tuesday, Oct. 17
Whodunit? - Tasha's jewels have been stolen! Can Detective Pablo sort out which suspect - Tyrone, Austin, or Uniqua - is the guilty party?

Wednesday, Oct. 18
The Legend of the Volcano Sisters - The Luau Brothers Austin, Pablo, and Tyrone must present a gift to the Volcano Sisters Uniqua and Tasha, in order to prevent the volcano from erupting.

Thursday, Oct. 19
The Swamp Creature - Austin and Tasha are tourists looking for the Swamp Creature that guides Uniqua and Pablo have promised to show them.

Monday, Oct. 23
Monster Party - Mad Scientist Tasha sends her humble assistant, Austin, on a journey to bring three monsters back to her laboratory: Mummy Tyrone, Werewolf Uniqua and Vampire Pablo. What Austin doesn't know is that a big surprise birthday party awaits him when he gets back.


  1. hahahahah in Whodunit? Austin's last name is Frothingslosh

  2. Oh, what a great name! I love it. :)

  3. Did you guys see the cool movie poster in the latest Nick Jr. Magazine? It's really cool- a Great big Mission to Mars tear out! Also, I saw that season one was just added to the Itunes Tv show section of the store. I heard Lady in Pink is from the spy episode.

  4. Frothingslosh? I'd love to hear him say that1

  5. dude i know! Rover is the best. Rover is WAY better than Sherman. it kinda seemed like Austin had Pablo's panic attack.

  6. Yeah, I thought so too. I was kinda disapointed that Pablo didn't freak out. :( Oh and Mision to Mars was on today, not Friday.

  7. Hey, what's up w/ "Great Ghost of Ceaser!" ? I thought that was pretty funny! XD

  8. Wait a sec.... Monster Party wasn't on :z

  9. Actually, they had it on later here. I thought they'd cancelled it, but then all of a sudden, there it was, much to my childrens' glee. :)