Friday, October 06, 2006

EW Interviews Backyardigans Choreographer

Fellow Fan Martha, in the comments the other day, shared that Entertainment Weekly has recently done an article about the dancing in The Backyardigans.

(Now, if you didn't already know this, let me fill you in a little. Each of the Backyardigans has two people for their voices - one actor/actress does all the speaking, another does all the singing. They also, however, each have their own dancer. Each musical number is choreographed, then the five dancers are filmed as they perform. The animators then take that film and use it as the basis to get each kid's moves just right in the final product. No wonder we love this show! You can get the details - as far as I know them - on who does what for each character on this page. Just follow the links for each character.)

Beth Bogush, former director of the First Steps Program at New York's Alvin Ailey School, is the show's choreographer. In the interview she gave EW, she shares some remarkably interesting tidbits about how The Backyardigans is created. (And a hint of yet another episode, as Martha pointed out. "The Lady in Pink" is the title, and jazz will be the featured music. Doesn't that sound fun?)

EW has another article about The Backyardigans, a review that you might want to check out just for the sheer pleasure of seeing all the nice things they say about the show. For instance, "... discovering The Backyardigans can feel like wandering into an oasis full of ice-cold fruit pops in the Gobi Desert."


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