Friday, September 22, 2006

Tasha and Austin - Finally!

Tasha and Austin fans, rejoice! Fellow Fan "Joe is Invisible" shared with us in the comments recently that Ty now has beanie babies for all five of our favorite kids. Which bodes well for an end to the stranglehold Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua have held on the merchandising of the Backyardigans.

As you can see above, Tasha is in stock at Amazon. As of this date, Austin is still unavailable through them, although you can get him from many other places on the internet. (Not the Nick Jr. store, though. They don't have Tasha yet, either.)

What's next? Austin and Tasha costumes? We can only hope.


  1. I bought mine ( Tasha and Austin) off a Yahoo buy it now from Gary Martin. Prompt delivery too.

  2. they have them at nick jr now