Saturday, September 23, 2006

More Info On New Episodes

Backyardigans Fan Martha shared this with us in comments:

The two episodes playing on Treehouse on Sept 29 are:

"Whodunit?": Pablo travels to Mystery Manor to find out who stole Tasha's jewels.

"Legend of Volcano Sisters": The Luau Brothers must appease the Volcano Sisters with a special gift to prevent them from erupting their volcano
Two more confirmed shows to anticipate! Whee!


  1. why cant any backyardigans thing air on nick jr first? stupid treehouse tv

  2. Hi, I just found your site and I think the Backyardigans show is great. My husband and I often find ourselves watching it when our son is down for a nap! The old new season episodes we have seen are 'Whodunit', 'Samurai Pie' and 'Scared of You'. We are very excited to see more!

  3. Entertainment Weekly ( has an online article about how the Backyardigans dances are created. It's really interesting, and in it there is the following info that sounds like a new episode to me:

    "Hattie May Williams, she's Uniqua — if you'd see her in person, you'd say, ''Oh my goodness, she looks just like Uniqua.'' We did an episode, ''The Lady in Pink,'' where Hattie does a kind of saucy jazz number, she comes down the steps like the old-time jazz with the gloves on, mimicking kind of a jazzy, sexier walk."

    Check it out!!

  4. Thanks for the update, Martha! I'll have to go read that article right away. :)