Saturday, April 22, 2006

Which Backyardigan are you?

I ran across this quiz and thought it was pretty cute.

What Backyardigan are You?
I am Pablo! Which Backyardigan are you? Click here to find out.


  1. backyardiganteen8:58 AM, April 22, 2006

    I took the same quiz a while ago, and I ended up being most like Uniqua. Kinda suprised, actually. I think I'm most like Tyrone.

  2. i got uniqua too!
    hey backyardiganteen im in the same neopets guild as you! i am sandyhamster11.

  3. how come neither In the heart of the Jungle nor Race around the World were not choices in the Q asking your favorite episode?

    But I came out a Tyrone.

  4. Hi- how come none of my favorite songs (like Ridin' the Range or the Shake your Caboose to the Ground song) are anywhere to be found??

  5. I read in one forum that someone recorded the backyardigans songs on 56kbps wma (comparable to 128kbps mp3 and passed it out via email to those who requested for it. The wma tracks were from several episodes and so a big email box like a yahoo email did suffice.

    Quality is not extraordinary but is good enough as car music (via mp3/wma player to keep the little backyardigan settled in the car. :)


    Not sure though if the RIAA will go after backyardiDADs and backyardiMOMs for passing it around via email. ;)

    To harvest your own tracks one could play the DVD episode in a PC and use a recording software to capture the audio to be saved as wma, mp3, etc.

  6. I am a Uniqua. I figured I would be. I to am in the guild. I just joined. My sn is 4X4Gurl

  7. Whoa! Hi, I'm the leader of The Backyardigans Guild on I made the quiz and had no idea anyone out of our guild would take it! Awesome! BTW, I'm Austin :) I tried to add as many episoeds and songs as I could. I only was able to have 5 options for each question (one for each backyardigan) so I'm sorry if you favorite song/episode wasn't in there. Thanks for posting it, Jennifer, it really made my day!