Friday, April 07, 2006

DVD Review - Cave Party

I find it interesting that, with only two episodes having the word Party in their title, Nick Jr. wound up choosing both of those episodes to title DVDs. It must be some sort of marketing thing.

Cave Party follows the Backyardigans DVD pattern. Four episodes, one of them previously unaired on Nick Jr. The episodes on this DVD are:

  • Cave Party - Tasha and Austin invite Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone to come howl at the moon with them, and in the process, invent the party.
  • Race Around the World - Austin is hoping to win his first gold medal, but he keeps coming in dead last against Tyrone, Uniqua and Pablo.
  • Eureka! - Dinosaur bone hunting scientists, Uniqua and Tasha run into dusty prospectors Pablo and Tyrone.
  • Castaways - Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone think they're all alone on a desert island, but Austin is just too shy to let them know he's there.
Race Around the World was first aired on Nick Jr. three days after this DVD was released. It is a great episode. Set to zydeco music, it had me off my chair and dancing with my girls in no time! I loved it. It is my favorite Backyardigans episode ever.

The Special Features section again had just one feature, the music video "Go, Go, Go," from Race Around the World. I loved this video! Not only was the music fun to listen to, with a catchy tune that's still running around in my head, they did a great job of putting the video together. It's based on the episode, but short clips from other episodes are included (Castaways, Surfs Up, Viking Voyage, Eureka! and Quest for the Flying Rock.) I felt this video, with the additional clips, really captured the spirit of the Backyardigans and what I love about it so much. There's a real zest for life there, an excitement and enthusiasm that's simply irresistable.

The Previews section had the same ads as last time. The Great Dinosaur Rescue from Go, Diego, Go; Dora the Explorer's Pirate Adventure, Fairytale Adventure and Dance to the Rescue; Blue's Clues/Blue's Room Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, It's Hug Day and Alphabet Power.

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