Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New air date for Backyardigans fall season

Well, it seems they're not going to be airing the first of the new episodes in September, after all. A new press release from Nick Jr. gives October as the kick off date.

Very disappointing. Don't they know we're all waiting with bated breath? Come on, guys, I'm turning blue here!

The same press release has other interesting information, though. In talking about the music genres showcased by The Backyardigans, Brown Johnson, the Executive Creative Director of Nickelodeon Preschool Television listed Kenyan Highlife and Jug Band Music. Those must be genres used in two of the upcoming episodes, as they don't correspond to any of the 20 episodes aired so far.

I haven't heard of either of those types of music, so I'm looking forward to hearing them. Do any of you know anything about these genres? If so, enlighten the rest of us!


  1. Kenyan High Life is like Paul Simon's Album "Graceland". I heard they are also doing Motown and Bollywood!

  2. I love the "Surf's Up" Episode so much with Tiki Beach, Yo. I jam out and sing and dance every time it comes on. My two year old has pretty much grown out of loving the show, but my seven month old, thankfully is just getting into it!

  3. Jug band is fun! They use instruments like washtub basses and washboards and spoons and all kinds of stuff. And of course the jug- they blow accross the top, making that cool whistle sound. It'll be great to see what the Backyardigans do with this.

  4. backyardiganteen5:30 PM, April 10, 2006

    They're gonna do Mo'town? Cool! Here are some other music genres that have not been done yet: Soft rock, bluegrass, doowop, rap, blues/r&b, vaudeville, new wave, mariachi, dance pop and techno/electronic.

  5. Evan Lurie is THE MAN. I met him about 20 years ago in the Bowery section of New York. he is pulling out all the stops with the musical selection. I saw some uknown episode about a year ago, but then caught the Rockabilly pirates and I was hooked.

  6. What I love the best about all the different musical genres is the way they put a new face on the music. I mean, hip hop for a western storyline? Who would have thought it could sound so good?