Wednesday, February 22, 2006

TeleStory Interactive Books For Backyardigans

I just found some more information about the JAKKS Pacific products that will be coming out for the Backyardigans this fall.

JAKKS has a line of Plug & Play TV Games which, if you are not already familiar with them, are games that do not require a gaming console. You only have to plug them into the television to play the game. The Backyardigans products they'll be making are Plug & Read TeleStories, books that kids can read on the television, much the same way the Plug & Play games work.

The TeleStory system is a book-shaped device that you plug directly into your television's A/V jacks. Then you insert a "mini-book" cartridge into the system. By pressing the large buttons on the TeleStory unit, kids can "interact with the story" according to JAKKS.

The basic system will come packaged with one mini-book (containing two stories) and will cost about $30. Additional mini-books will cost about $15 each. Look for them sometime this summer.

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