Friday, February 24, 2006

New Episode, March 10

As Maximus, in the comments to the post below reminded me, there will be a new episode airing, March 10, on Nick Jr. and Noggin. I should have posted about this earlier. All I can say is that there's been discussion about it at the Backyardigans Fans forum and I lost track of the fact that, hello! not everyone reads the forum as avidly as I do!

So, here's the details:

The Cave Party DVD is going to be released March 7. Three days after that, the new episode that is on Cave Party, Race Around the World, will be aired on Nick Jr at 10:30 a.m. ET and on Noggin at 4:30 p.m. ET. (Which will be the premiere episode on Noggin, I understand. After this The Backyardigans will air at 4:30 p.m. on Noggin, every weekday.)

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any plans to air High Tea yet, which was the unaired episode on Polka Palace Party DVD (review). A rumor has been floating around that High Tea isn't being aired in order to boost sales of the DVD. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hopes that isn't true, and that they see fit to air it eventually.


  1. Here in the Philippines 17 episodes of Backyardigans have been played.

    All of which I recorded in vcd quality so that my son can watch them again and again on my PC.

    The 3 episodes not yet shown are:
    1. It's good to be a ghost (episode 9)
    2. Race to the Tower of Power (episode 13); and
    3. The Quest for the Flying Rock (episode 11)

    As for my son, his favorite episode is Race Around the World.


  2. Thanks for sharing that! :) It's always helpful when fans share what's going on in their countries, since all I know is what's going on the U.S.

  3. Andy H , Keswick, ON1:34 PM, March 01, 2006

    I laugh when I read here as well. I'm from canada and as is well known, Treehouse TV plays the snot out of these wonderful playmates. We have seen all episodes and have been begging for more. Race around the world is FANTASTIC, you'll love the Racing song - Preview: it mentions Sausage Casing's, it's Hilarious.

    My kids love Tower of Power and Snow Fort, and nothing makes me glow warmer than watching my 2 yr old Son, with hands on hips sidesteping while on Snowball Duty.

    While we have little to no merchandise in Canada, while the plethera exists in the US, at least I can say We have seen all episodes, most of the have aired 3 or more times. We all have our cross to bare, LOL.

  4. Now see, I thought all the merchandise was up there! That's where (I've been hearing) all the merchandise on Ebay has been coming from.

  5. Has anyone heard of where to get the girl's sneakers (besides Ebay)? They have to be coming from somewhere!!!

  6. I ordered a birthday cake and cupcake icing sheet from a shop in Canada--they were beautiful!!! All of the characters were on the cake while each one got their own cupcake. A big hit with everyone at the party!

  7. That cake sounds so great! I'd love to do something like that for my kids!

    I've seen other people looking for the shoes, but I haven't seen any of them myself. Have you tried asking at the Backyardigans Fans forum? The link to it is off to the right or cut and paste

  8. Sneakers and other apparel can be found at Kohl's stores - my son has several T-shirts and a pair of sneakers from there.

  9. We love the unaired High Tea episode. We have every episode taped so we can play them all hours night and day and yes we have them memorized also. My little girl loved High Tea because she new that it was new and had never seen it before. We watched it over and over and now have it memorized. Tea Tea she says and Pip Pip.