Thursday, February 02, 2006

Name Game

It was pointed out at IMDB that there is an Austin College, in Texas, which has a kangaroo as a mascot.

Hmmm. Very, very interesting.

So, I thought I'd do a couple of quick searches on Google to see if anything else popped up.

Tasha - Searched on "Tasha hippo", didn't find anything.

Pablo - "Pablo penguin" brought up several links about an old Disney character by that name. He was in the Three Cabelleros and also a Disney comicbook story titled "The Cold-Blooded Penguin".

Tyrone - "Tyrone moose" didn't bring up anything.

Uniqua - It turns out Uniqua isn't the utterly unique name you'd think it would be. There is a show horse named Uniqua, a unique gifts website, a telecommunications company, and it's a variation on the girl's name Unique. As a matter of fact, I found more sites related to Uniqua than any of the other Backyardigans. So if you're thinking of naming your baby Uniqua, because it's such an unusual name, you might want to keep looking.

Complete coincidence? Subconscious influences? Deliberate homage? Who knows? But it's fun to think about!


  1. She said she was "police woman uniqua underhill" So i thought that was her last name.

  2. that's just in that episode, smart one.

  3. i think the last names are:
    pablo-secret (international super spy- he was agent secret)
    tyrone- henchman? got that from super spy as well
    uniqua-underhill, from hudonit
    tasha- something that starts with ''t'' cuz of super spy again (miss t)
    austin- throughinslaush (from hudonit)
    super spy and hudonit appear to be usful

  4. Guys, they don't have last names. People tend to use the name's of their species though. In "ISS", Tyrone was a henchman and Pablo was a secret angent. In "Whodunit", Uniqua said "Police Woman Uniqua Underhood" - a 'underhood' is an undercover officer. Tasha was called "Miss T" 'coz her name starts with "T" and Austin's last name in "Whodunit" was Frothinslaush - also fake.

  5. Uniqua Kae Zela
    Pablo Sven Garçia
    Tyrone Otto Vaaler
    Tasha Ana Egarth
    Austin Weston McDougal