Friday, December 02, 2005

Trivia - Snacktime

"We've got the whole wide world in our yard to explore, now it's time to have a snack, see you next time when we're back, with your friends the Backyardigans."

Ah, but what snack are Uniqua, Tasha, Austin, Pablo and Tyrone going to have? Here's a complete list of the episodes so far and the snacks the Backyardigans have at the end of the episode, as far as we know at least. Special thanks to Backyardiganteen, who did most of the work in putting this together!

  • Knights Are Brave and Strong - Pretzels and juice, at Uniqua's house (Ben notes: Tasha is the one that offered the snack, right? Why did they go to Uniqua’s house instead of Tasha’s?)
  • The Yeti - Hot chocolate, at Uniqua's house
  • Pirate Treasure - Not specified, at Uniqua's house
  • The Heart of the Jungle - Pretzels, at Uniqua's house
  • Secret Mission - Brownies, at Uniqua's house
  • Riding the Range - Cookies, at Pablo's house
  • The Key to the Nile - Cheese, crackers and apple juice, at Tasha's house
  • The Snow Fort - Not specified, at Tyrone's house
  • It's Great to Be a Ghost - Apples, at Pablo's house
  • Viking Voyage - Graham crackers, at Uniqua's house
  • The Quest for the Flying Rock - Waffles, at Tyrone's house
  • Surf's Up - Grilled cheese, at Pablo's house
  • Race to the Tower of Power - Granola bars, at Tyrone's house
  • Castaways - Applesauce, at Uniqua's house
  • Cave Party - Cinnamon toast, at Pablo's house
  • High Tea - Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, at Pablo's house (Thanks to Grandpa Phil for this information.)
  • Eureka! - Graham Crackers, at Uniqua's house
  • Polka Palace Party - Strawberries, at Uniqua's house
  • Race Around the World - Chocolate Chip Cookies, at Uniqua's house (Thanks to Grandpa Phil for this information.)
  • Monster Detectives - Celery with hummus, at Tyrone's house
Brownie points to the first person to post in comments about a noticeable oddity here! Hint: His name starts with an "A".


  1. they never eat at Austin's house.. ;)


  2. Been watching this show with my grandson since it started in Sept on Treehousetv here in Canada. Anyhow, in Race Around The World, they have Chocolate Chip Cookies at Uniqua's house and in High Tea, they have Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at Pablo's house.

  3. Congratulations, Michael! You have just won 2,000 brownie points. :-) (OK, so it won't get you to Disneyland ...)

    Grandpa Phil - Thanks for letting me know that! I'll get that updated right away.

  4. Am I too late? Oh, well. Yeah, they never went to Austin's house for a snack.

  5. Just wanted to get this straight...Isn't it Cave party, not Cave People. Love the Backyardigans and this site!!

  6. You're right! I have that wrong. Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. When have they shown High Tea? They were supposed to be on Noggin a while back, but none of the episodes they were showing (the newer ones) were actually played...showed an older one. I'm hoping to see it soon...hem daughters would like to see it soon

  8. It's been in Canada, I know, and I think England?

    I can't wait to see it!

  9. they ate at austine's house they had crakers and cheese on the episode "whodunit"

  10. I love the fact that they had sushi after the Save the Day episode.

  11. Austin's house is the only one in which the Backyardigans didn't had a snack in the whole first season!

  12. at the end of "Horsing around" they have blueberry muffins at Tyrone's house

  13. they do have snack at austin's house, stupids. looks like you made many mistakes on your blog there sunshine.

  14. they had s'mores at uniqua's house in the episodes "mission to mars" and "the swamp creature"

  15. if they had to eat at Austin's house they would have to go through the gate into another yard, remember? that's why they don't go to his house often

  16. they went to austin's house in whodunit, movers of arabia, the funnyman boogeyman and dragon express

  17. Anyone know why they don't specify the snack in a few of the episodes ? My kids are keeping a mental tally of the snacks, like you have on this list, and got annoyed at those episodes.

    Thanks for any insight.

  18. How come we never see whats inside the houses of the backyardigans?