Wednesday, December 28, 2005

DVD Review - The Snow Fort

Got this from and my kids love it! They didn't want to watch anything else for several days.

Just like It's Great to Be a Ghost, The Snow Fort has four episodes.

  • The Snow Fort - While Ski Patrol members Tasha and Uniqua try to rescue them, Mounties Pablo and Tyrone defend the snow fort against what they think is the girls' attempt to steal the giant snowball.
  • The Yeti - Tasha, Uniqua and Tyrone track Yeti Pablo.
  • Knights are Brave and Strong - Queen Tasha sends Uniqua to deliver an important message to King Austin. Pablo and Tyrone join in her quest to become a knight.
  • Secret Mission - Description
There weren't as many Special Features as before, but they are much better. There are two music videos, Ski Patrol to the Rescue and The Yeti Stomp, and a Previews section which advertises miscellaneous Dora the Explorer, Blue's Room and My Little Pony videos. The music videos are not just clipped straight from the episode where the characters are singing. They show several bits from the episode, tied together by an overarching theme. The Ski Patrol video shows the girls skiing, interspersed with clips from the episode; The Yeti Stomp video focuses on Pablo, with occasional shots of the other three characters that are in that episode.

You can play the DVD in English or French. You can Play All, which will play each of the episodes and then automatically restart through the entire thing, or choose one episode at a time, which will not automatically start again upon finishing. Leave it too long on the menu page (15 seconds) and it will automatically go into Play All.

This is very good video, a must have if you are looking to build up a Backyardigans collection and an excellent choice if you only want one Backyardigans DVD. If I had to choose between this and It's Great to Be a Ghost, I'd choose The Snow Fort.

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