Thursday, November 10, 2005

Trivia - Who is Where?

So you're only interested in episodes that have Austin? Upset that Tasha doesn't seem to be getting her fair share of screen time? Well, here's a list of which Backyardigans are in each episode.

Episodes with all five Backyardigans:

  • The Key to the Nile
  • Knights Are Brave and Strong
  • Cave People
  • Race Around the World
  • High Tea
Episodes with four of the Backyardigans:
  • Pirate Treasure - Uniqua, Austin, Pablo and Tyrone
  • Yeti - Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha and Uniqua
  • The Heart of the Jungle - Tyrone, Pablo, Austin and Uniqua
  • The Snow Fort - Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua and Tasha
  • It's Great to Be a Ghost - Tyrone, Pablo, Uniqua and Tasha
  • Riding the Range - Tyrone, Uniqua, Pablo and Austin
  • Viking Voyage - Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua and Tasha
  • Castaways - Uniqua, Tyrone, Pablo and Austin
  • Race to the Tower of Power - Uniqua, Austin, Tyrone and Pablo
  • The Quest for the Flying Rock - Uniqua, Tasha, Tyrone and Pablo
  • Polka Palace Party - Tyrone, Uniqua, Pablo and Austin
  • Surf's Up - Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua and Austin
  • Eureka! - Tyrone, Pablo, Tasha and Uniqua
Episodes with only three Backyardigans:
  • Secret Mission - Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone
  • Monster Detectives - Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone
It wasn't until I sat down and starting counting that I realized that Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone are in every episode. Austin and Tasha are the two that trade off when there are less than all five Backyardigans. Of the 20 episodes so far, Austin is in 12 and Tasha is in 11.


  1. That makes for interesting reading, I figured that Austin was in very few seeing as of the 5 episodes I've seen he's only in 1 of those and Tasha was in 3.

    Your blog (and website) is a great resource and I hope I can contribute some info for the UK redub we have over here even though that extends no further than just voices (which is just 3 for both singing and speaking roles).

  2. I love your blog! My two-year-old daughter loves the show. I had her birthday cake made with the Backyardigans. You can see it on my blog at:

  3. Nini - I'd love to hear what's going on with them over there!

    Rebeccaa - I love that cake! Too cute. :)

  4. I hate being pedantic, but all five Backyardigans are present on "High Tea" as well. Austin only shows up in the middle and in the end of the episode as the grumpy emperor, but he's there. :) You've got an awesome blog there. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks! I didn't know that. I actually haven't seen High Tea yet, so I was getting the information on that from the website.

  6. Tasha is in Riding the Range, not Austin!

  7. Thank god Tasha is not in more episodes. She is a rude, self-centered, thankless fat hippo.

    In every episode she is rude or self-centered.

    Vikings - she trys to stop them, rude, and thinks she is better. They sneak off, because they don't want to hang with her.

    Egyptian Princess - she treats her friends like crap and needs to learn Please and Thank you

    Ghost - she simply dismisses them and ruins their game, until Tyrone scares the crap out of her

    Tea Party - talk about self-centered and then to tell them to stop dautling, just plain rude.

    I know a gal in real life like Tasha, few friends and the ones she does have can only handle her in small doses.

  8. I think Tasha's character is being as an illustration to kids on how they should NOT act. The other Backyardigans need someone to mess up so they can point out things like manners, sharing, caring, etc. I mean, duh. Plus, kids aren't perfect and they enjoy seeing that others make mistakes as well.

  9. It's simply about diversity. We all need to learn to deal with, support, and bring the best out of everyone, whatever their personality.

  10. I don't know if you've seen this one yet, but my daughter absolutely LOVES samuri pie...and it has all 5 in it. Again, Tasha acts like a spoiled little brat as the Emporess.


  11. Is it just me or are any of you ticked that you can't find any Tasha or Austin toys? All I can find are Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo. I emailed NickJr. and they said I could get an Austin Beanie Baby. Big deal! Austin is my son's favorite and all I can get are Mountie Tyrone, Surfer Pablo, Pirate Uniqua, etc... I don't think this is fair at all!

  12. i like the season two but i hate also bcuz sometimes tasha boss austin around that makes austin's life like hell i hate that


    im an austin fan

  13. Wow sorry to be rude but some of you guys over analyze this...I mean do you really think our children care how many epsiodes Austin is in? I cannot understand what the most recent person what trying to say you really need to work on your I am also very upset, as well as my son that we can't find any Austin toys. So, what YOUR favorite episode?

  14. i think tasha is nicer in cave party and most of the episodes in season 2,3 and 4