Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Backyardigans Questions

Where are these dolls from?

Dear Backyardigans Fan:

I found these plush figures in Walmart that had Pablo dressed up like Mickey Mouse's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" (the wizard hat) and then a Uniqua with a pink bag, and she sang about solving mysteries, or being a detective or something. On the Wikipedia site they have a few unseen episodes listed, but neither of these would fit the bill. I was wondering if you could post something out on your blog to folks to get a consensus on what we have seen out there, so we can guess about future episodes coming out. I would be interested to hear what others have seen, heard, or know.


Dear Curious:

I'm assuming this is the Wizard Pablo you saw?
I have no idea what episode this is from. So far we know 18 of the second season episodes. This might be from one the last two episodes, or it might be from season three. Thanks for letting us know about this. Now we can have fun speculating about it!

I couldn't find anything like what you describe for Uniqua. The closest I came was this Lady Pink figure, from the International Super Spy episodes (yes, the plural is deliberate - that story line will be our first two part Backyardigans story!) Does she look anything like what you saw?


Scurvy Pirate lyrics, please!

Dear Backyardigans Fan:

I would like to know if you can find out the lyrics to a song from the Pirate Treasure episode. They sing about a 'scurvy pirate'.....can you help me?

Pirate Fan

Dear Pirate Fan:

That's such a great song! I love it. Unfortunately, I don't have that song on the blog right now, but you can find the lyrics to it at the Backyardigans Guild site. It's about a quarter of the way down the page.


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  1. Uniqua with a Pink bag?
    Did Miss Uniqua Underhood not have a pink bag on Whodunit when they solved the mystery of the Theft of Lady Tashas jewels?


  2. Wizard Pablo is from a new episode, "A Giant Problem".
    Princess Tasha is trying to get a nap, but giant (literally) Uniqua makes too much noise and comes to close to the castle. Tasha sends her two wizards (Pablo & Tyrone) to get rid of the giant.
    An hilarious episode with Pablo & Tyrone trying all kinds of magic spells.

  3. Thanks for sharing that information with us! That sounds like a great episode.

    It looks like Wikipedia has updated their episode list since I looked at it. Now we know all the 20 episodes of the current season.

    *sigh* I do hope it won't be another year before we get to start the third season. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

  4. So, I just got the new Movers and Shakers DVD (I pre-ordered it, and it came a week early, go figure). Anyways, it is sparse on extras just like the earlier ones: Just music videos of "Into the THink of It" and "One Good Turn Deserves Another". The episodes are: Movers of Arabia, Cops and Robots, Sinbad Sails Alone, and the Best Clowns in Town.
    I am trying to speculate on the music that will be featured with the wizarding Pablo, but I can't think of any genre they haven't done yet (well, okay, chinese opera) But I am excited.

  5. dear jennifer

    i have a question: why is uniqua the only one who is in every single episode