Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nickelodeon Theme Park

The Mall of America and Nickelodeon announced that they're going to be creating a new Nickelodeon themed park, part of a re-branding of the Mall's seven-acre amusement park. The grand opening is expected for spring, 2008.

From the press release (emphasis added):

As part of the partnership, Nickelodeon will bring an assortment of its top characters, interactivity, and its signature iconic green slime to Mall of America. The newly revamped park, and the first ever Nickelodeon theme park, will feature new rides, live shows, attractions, retail, games and entertainment, and food service establishments themed with top ranking network properties including: SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The Backyardigans and many more. Costumed characters and live interactive entertainment from these Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. shows will also find a home at the Mall.

Nickelodeon will also establish its largest retail presence in the world at Mall of America, with a brand new Nick store occupying more than 4,000 square foot space, offering consumers items such as branded tee-shirts, souvenirs, novelties and more. And the network will introduce healthy dining options throughout the parks' eateries, in line with its four year old health and wellness pro-social initiative for kids and families, Let's Just Play.


  1. Bubble Guppies
    Bubble Guppies is a new interactive, animated variety show for preschoolers set in a vibrant 3D, CGI-animated underwater classroom. Bubble Guppies has an emergent curriculum: ideas that emerge from preschoolers' own discoveries. Each episode will delve into a preschool topic from a variety of angles as the cast and viewers at home explore the swaying kelp forests, fantastical coral reefs, and undersea gardens of their aquarium-inspired surroundings. Bubble Guppies is created by Robert Scull, who also serves as executive producer on Nick Jr.'s The Backyardigans, and Jonny Belt, supervising art director and co-executive producer of The Backyardigans. Scull and Belt also developed the series along with Janice Burgess, creator of The Backyardigans.

  2. Wow! That would be fun to go and see! I wish I could go!

  3. So I went to Backyardigans Live yesterday with my husband, son, and two friends. It was really worhtless. The staff was extremely rude and they were serving drinks!!! Like vodka and whatever. So I was thinking, "Hello? You know these people are going to put these children in the car and drive them in downtown Pitt?!?!?!" I mean, come on...The people who played the characters were good but they didn't have their faces painted. My son may only be 3 years old, but he knows what Uniqua looks like! They could have at least had the characters voices! The boys were totally confused by who they were. And a flashlight, A FLASHLIGHT, cost 12 dollars. (it was the cheapest thing there, so obviously I bought one as did April). NEVER NEVER go to see this show, you will be disappointed.