Friday, December 15, 2006

The Secret Of Snow

Well, this was a very different Backyardigans!

The episode started with a picture of a book on a table, instead of the typical shot in which the camera zooms in on the backyard. This episode is also told as a story, by an unseen narrator (you might recognize the voice, but if you don't, the narrator's identity is revealed at the end.) When we finally see the backyard, it's a very different sight. It isn't summer, but winter, with leafless trees and gray skies.

Something else that has been standard about the Backyardigans has been the use of a commonly recognized tune for one of the four songs in each episode. In this episode the tunes are almost all Christmas carols, with only one original tune. Ice Lady Tasha's theme tune is Good King Wenceslaus, Uniqua's is Jingle Bells, and there is a Deck the Halls song near the end.

The writers also seized the opportunity to revisit some Backyardigans history. Uniqua, in seeking to get to the Frozen North (The Snow Fort, The Yeti) winds up also visiting the Desert (Riding the Range, Eureka, Polka Palace Party, and the Jungle (The Heart of the Jungle, The Quest for the Flying Rock.) On her way, Uniqua collects Cowboy Pablo and Tyrone of the Jungle.

In the end, Uniqua finally does get her snow, and the kids all return home, letting us see the backyard covered in white.

A pretty good episode, all in all. I enjoyed it very much.


  1. HOLA! This was my favorite episode ever! After school, yes, I am in middle school, I saw it on Nick2. IT WAS AWESOME! It was the best episode I have ever seen. I actually thought that it would not be that good for Zach Tyler Eisen was not in it. {Pablo for the first season.} Wonderful episode, and I loved the twists. Is it just me, or is it the first time they sang in front of a house after their adventure? I knew they do it before the adventure, but is it the first for the end? Wonderful holiday episode without any contravursy. {sp?}

  2. dude this episode was amazing but in the end whan austin is wearing that beanie over his ears it lookes retarded. he needs to get a beanie that his ears go into.

  3. okay so apparently jonah bobo (austin) knows zachary tyler eisen (pablo) and is friends with his little sister and zack stole the ant bully from him. haha. i just thought that was funny randomness.

  4. Ok... WEll I loved it! "The Secret of Snow" song was so cute!

    "Try not to care if it snows! Try not to care if it snows! Better to care for the people right there! Care for the good friends you've got!"

    Is it just me or does that touch any1 else?

  5. i hate this show all austin want's to do was help uniqua, pablo and tyrone out but NO... all tasha wants to do is work, work, work not giving austin any fun at all it makes me sick like hell

    and tasha said "no interuptions"

    and tasha gave them punishment as her workers of the company

    but austin, uniqua, pablo and tyrone found a way to have fun they sang hahaha... and at the end tasha learned her lesson

    and at the other end it was..... SNOWING yeeheey....

    oh Jenifer the narrator of the story was Austine i just wacthed the episode yesterday

    i really love your site XD

  6. i ysed to live in nova scotia where it snowed a lot ... now i miss the snow 'cause we moved to vancouver!!! because my parents hate snow!!!

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  8. The narrator was Austin!

  9. I got the dvd. Super secret super spy and secret of snow was just freakin good i loved it!!!!

  10. people did u check out my site @ and ps zachary tyler eisen doesnt do pablo's voice anymore

  11. i found this video on youtube where they are singing i front of uniqua's house at the end of the episode. the secret of snow is my favorite episode

    P,S. if you want to see the video go onto youtube and search backyardigans: the secret of snow