Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Backyardigans Episode

I got a press release today that announced a number of new episodes for various Nick Jr. shows. Among them (naturally) is a new Backyardigans episode, The Secret of Snow.

In this episode, Uniqua is searching for the Ice Lady, Tasha. Along the way she gets help from Cowboy Pablo, Tarzan Tyrone, and Austin, the Ice Lady's assistant. (According to description on Amazon for the book, Uniqua is searching for the Ice Lady because there is no snow yet.)

The episode will air Dec. 15, at noon, and replay Dec. 22 and 29.

In case you're interested, other shows with new episodes include:

December 1
1:30 p.m. -- Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! "The Snow Shoo Shoo"
Walden is worried because he hasn't seen the Snow Shoo-Shoo lately. He, Wubbzy and Widget try tracking down the friendly creature and drive to Mt. Zubba. Walden blows his Hoopty-Horn, but no Shoo-Shoo. As they search for clues, they hear drums pounding -- and finally find the Snow Shoo-Shoo in his cave with a whole tribe of Shoo-Shoos in a swinging jam session.

December 8
12 p.m. -- Go, Diego, Go!/ "Diego Saves Christmas"
Santa's sleigh is stuck under a snow hill, and Diego must find Linda the Llama, who can pull heavy things. The pair tiptoes up the mountain singing the "jalen" song. Santa sprinkles 'Magic Christmas Sparkles' on Linda so she can fly with the reindeer and help him deliver all the Christmas presents.

12:30 p.m. -- The Wonder Pets/"Save the Reindeer"
The Wonder Pets head to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to rescue Santa's Baby Reindeer, who is stuck on cracking ice. After saving her with a net made from Ming- Ming's sweater, they learn that she ran away because she didn't know if she had what it takes to be one of Santa's squad. With the Wonder Pets' encouragement, Baby Reindeer finally takes her place among the grownups.

December 15
12:30 p.m. - LazyTown/"The LazyTown Snow Monster"
Robbie Rotten poses as a scary snow monster to frighten the LazyTown kids, but they have some tricks up their sleeve. In the end he flees, and failing to read the signs near the frozen lake, falls into the icy waters. In the spirit of the season it's up to Sportacus to rescue Rotten.


  1. why would you air Wubbzy before the Backyardigans?!?!?!

  2. Well I had 2 of them I vote Wubbzy and Backyardigans.