Saturday, July 29, 2006

Backyardigans Birthday Party Supplies

I got a copy of the latest Birthday Express catalog in the mail today. Yes! They have Backyardigans birthday party supplies finally!

You can see what they have offered on their website on the Backyardigans Deluxe Pack page.

A sampling of what's available includes Uniqua and Pablo costumes, plastic Backyardigans tumblers (11 fl. oz.), and a Backyardigans inflatable chair. Not to mention paper plates, paper cups, invitations, napkins, tablecovers and balloons. Lots of stuff!

So, all of you who have been waiting impatiently can finally have the Backyardigans party of your dreams!


  1. Love how the backyardigans are coming out in everything... i can't wait till oct 31st. If i can find it my son will be one of them. lets hope...
    fingers cross

  2. i was looking at birthday cards, and, yes it's true, they had Backyardigans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!