Friday, June 02, 2006

TV Guide Summer Preview

TV Guide is giving out a DVD with the current magazine (the June 5 issue, available June 1) that previews the summer shows. The Summer Preview DVD will include sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes footage of several shows, including the Backyardigans!!

(Having to work very hard here to exercise restraint and not type those last three word in supersize, with a special font, and a different color for each letter. Maybe blinking, too.)

Sneak peaks? Behind the scenes footage? I'm heading to the store!

You can read more about the DVD in this press release.


  1. Ah, dagnab. I subscribe to TV Guide, but this sort of bonus does come with the issues that are sent out by subscription. And it's probably too late to pick this issue up at the newsstand now...

  2. I just looked at the article and apparently it's not available in my market anyway. Ah well.

  3. backyardiganteen8:32 AM, June 10, 2006

    I saw the TV Guide channel mention their summer preview DVD on their show called "TV Water Cooler" hosted by John Fugelsang and Debra Wilson. They invited TV Guide's L.A. bureau chief Craig Tomashoff to tell them about it. And yes, he did mention The Backyardigans! He explained that it was his daughter's favorite and that it was "a show that is not annoying for parents to watch." That's very good to hear!
    However...he also described the characters as "vaguely Teletubbie-like, only they make sense."
    The Backyardigans are NOT Teletubbie-like whatsoever! If I was Tomashoff, I think I would not tell everyone that because I think he may be giving everyone watching the wrong message. He did mention that the music was good though.

  4. well, you could say they're the same SHAPE as the telletubbies! LOL!

  5. i would buy it, but the only animated shows on there are the backyardigans and danny phantom

    and i don't like any other kinds of shows.