Saturday, January 28, 2006

Backyardigans Fruit Snacks

Everyone has been talking about the new Kellogg's Backyardigans Fruit Flavored Snacks that have shown up in the stores. So far they've been seen at Target and Walmart. I found some yesterday, at Food Lion.

The box I got came packaged with 10 pouches of snacks. They have all five characters and a red star, although the picture on the front of the box and on the pouches features only the Big Three: Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone. If you're looking around the shelves for it, you'll probably notice the light green background first, though.

They come in four flavors, strawberry, grape, orange and cherry. Tyrone is colored orange. Austin is purple, Tasha is yellow, Uniqua is pink, and Pablo is blue.

My kids are ecstatic. When I put the box in the cart, my oldest grabbed it and carried it around the store for the rest of the shopping trip, clutched in her arms like a doll. They taste pretty good, too. (Of course I tried them! Research, you know.)

If you see them at other stores, let me know! I'll keep a running list, here, of where they can be bought.

Update (2/24/06): They've been see at Winn-Dixie, too!


  1. I found the backyardigan fruit snacks at Winn Dixie

  2. you can find them at sack and save