Monday, October 03, 2005


Pable is a penguin, the shortest member of the group, given to panic and running around babbling at least once in every episode. Never think he isn't brave and courageous, though! Pablo never lets anything keep him from jumping into the midst of the fun. Creator Janice Burgess describes Pablo as being wound a little too tight, and admits that he's the character most like her as a child.

Blue, with a pale yellow belly, a blue bow tie and feet that look like blue shoes with spats (but that's just his natural coloring), Pablo wears a beanie with a red propeller on top.

Pablo is voiced by Zach Tyler, sung by Sean Curley and danced by Tasha Cooper.


  1. now, a tasha description. And Make It Snappy! lol I just had to say that lol

  2. HEY! I hate to bother you, but Zach Tyler Eisen doesn't play Pablo anymore. I am VERY upset about that. Zach is my FAVORITE voice actor! Yes, he did play him in the first season, but I think the new one is Jake Goldberg. Not that Jake isn't good, it's just that Zach IS Pablo! :(

  3. hehehe, it's truth,Zach play the voice very well of pablo, but Zach in person is ugly. XD